Custom Surgical Guides

Custom Surgical Guides
Molar Magic Dental Lab In Partnership with LH Dental Design Solutions

We do custom implant guides for partially edentulous as well as full arch. We work with all major brands of all implant systems.

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Welcome to LH Dental Design Solutions, specializing in implant technologies. LHDDS focuses on treatment with guided surgery and immediate load protocols. LHDDS is also a full prosthetic solutions provider. With the highest quality and experience Lars works with the clinicians from the pre-op planning stages through to the final restoration. LHDDS is the support that dental offices and laboratories need to take their practices to the next level.

Continuing education is also provided by LHDDS to enhance the office and the digital work flow and to ensure that the end product is to the standard of excellence. Immediate load protocols is part of LHDDS’ signature service. Lars works with the specialist and laboratory to perform the chair side conversions.


Today, conversions are a crucial part of the long term success of each and every immediate load restored case and there is no guessing when using the full arch planning protocol and the hands of skilled specialists. LHDDS’ partnership with some of the top technicians and technologies has allowed the complete work flow with out worries or disappointments. LHDDS offers this service to enhance your patients experience and to keep the success in your practice.

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